About me

Why choose me for your project?

  • I have more than 10 years of experience in making my clients visions reality. I will do my outmost to make your vision reality as well.
  • Everything I build is maintainable, scalable and transparent.
  • I am passionate about geeking out in code.
  • As much as I am a geek I am also a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. I make teams grow and work processes lean.
  • I have an extensive network among developers that can come in handy if whatever project I am currently involved in need more brains.
  • I come from Sweden but I have lived, studied and worked in South Korea, Canada, England and Norway. Thus I have an international mindset.


I am mainly an iOS developer and Scrum Master but I have experience from a wide range technologies and roles. Before I reinvented myself with iOS and Scrum I worked with data analysis and systems integration in the financial sector. I have worked in small startups and big corporations.

Previous work

For reference projects please have a look at my linkedIn profile or send an email to info@calliconsulting.se and I will reply with my CV.

Upping my skills

I am constantly learning new technoligies. Currently I am educating myself in SwiftUI, Combine, NodeJS and everything related to cryptocurrencies.

How to work with me

A brief description of how I prefer to work. Developing a product requires close collaboration between me and my client throughout the entire development process. In my experience being handed a spec and then disappear to work in solitude will not yield great results. It’s a recipe for failure. I would like plan a number of development cycles with continuous delivery and feedback to ensure that the product always stays on path and in accordance to clients expectations.

Work Location

I am interested in remote or flexible work location. When remote I work from my office and available on email, phone, slack etc.

More about me

I am a father and a husband. I am a devote crossfit and weightlifting practitioner and coach. I love getting in touch with people. If you are interested in my services or just want to say hello please send an email to info@calliconsulting.se